Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear fate, wat can u do to a happy me? Lalala~~~~

8 M@y 2009 [A Nite wiFoUt StArs..]

WaArArArArAr.... Lost my JPA scolarship T_T
(Two big thumbs from my brother-- Good!Good!!Good!!!)
...... (stare at him emotionless, and 3 min later, he's in the washroom with his head beneath the toilet bowl)

o(>,<)o SPM 11 full A's no use, 3 international certs and about 4 national certs can oleidi b dump into dustbin... all are out of my xpectations... but nvm, so wat? the bright sun is still shining, today is still a bright day~~ (althought it's night now) Im going to tuition class tomolo, the first ever tuition class of mine in dis year, looking toward for it so much after 6months of doing-nothing. YEPEEEEEEEE!!!!! Well, frankly, do i care for the scholarship? do i feel like to jump from the 18th floor of Heritage Five Star Hotel afer the 'dead letter' popped out? (the scenery there is nice^^) Will my life b teared into pieces after this? The answer is NO!!!! all (but it's a yes during the first two seconds when i get my result ==) Anyway, i cant change anything, and i hd done my best after all, sweet dream^^

9 May 2009 [@ sOmeH0w Spo0ky nIt3.. AuWooo~~~~]

Morning, woke up from a nitemare...
Today i had a surf on facebook, seeing a bunch of my friends in 'raining mood'. (they din get the scholarship too) Dats really make me feel sad and-- a bit glad dat im not the only one that's missed out (TeeHee... Little Devil aRisen!!!) Anyway, i do hate seeing people sad, whereby i juz cant do anything to help them xcept some small advise. Hey, girls, Cheer up! (even a little will b great- for me and urself)

Oh yar.... a slight add-on from professionals ^_^
P/S- A great great great advise for all who dun get da scholarship: dun go near rivers and pools, dun touch sharp knives and scissors, dun expose urself to high places, dun put ur hand on ropes and pills, dun touch the wall, dun go to high places, dun lit fires, and finally.. tie your tougue up!

Fine there, back to topic... tuition! I'd messed it up.... :P coming late(poor mum who suppose to fetch me is busy doing houseworks) ..running to the 3rd floor(like a horse)..telling teacher dat i din get my new book and found it between my papers in the next 5 seconds(laughed by classmates.. and teacher himself #x_x#)..dun have a calculator..(C'mon, no one's tellling me to bring one!) and for the worst of the worst... no friend is present!!!! Walao~~~~~ T_T *sobsob*

KK, home now, tuition's still not so bad after all, got a tonne of new things to learn.. mostly are those atomic stuffs... My chemistry teacher's a humourous uncle, he teaches like a cute blue hippo (no offence), whereas pengajian am teacher is a indian, hairy, speaks very loud as if he's scolding us of stealing his panties, and dat reminds me of several M'sia politician (no offence too ==) Students are 85% girlgirl, boys are lazy i think (got offence^^ Teehee..) Dat's all, nothing special xcept the super-cold-air-conditional which chilled half of the class to death (including teacher)
Pengajian am ended with the indian teacher's favourite slogan: 'Teruskan Perjuangan Andaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!' He said it full of emotion. (It'll b a waste if he din join the politics)

Now, a veli important question sprouts in my head... What to give mummy for tomolo's Mother's Day?
Hmm... a love-shaped card i made myself , half-day's labour work and an economic kiss............i guess? (some moths always flew out from my empty wallet nowadays :P)